Vonn Lighting - International Social Media Client Testimonial

Multiple target audiences can be tricky... But Amatsu Media Social Media Management and Optimization can handle it...

Vonn Lighting approached us a year and a half ago in search of Social Media Management and Optimization. Although we were both based in NY at the time, we had our eyes set on getting  Vonn in front of as many people throughout the entire country.  As an Advertising Agency we really do like to consider ourselves as artists, as we truly love creating content and organizing campaigns for our clients. As artists, the first time we saw Vonn we fell in love with their product line. We think that all the products that come out of Vonn Lighting are pure works of art. They have changed the way the world sees lighting by creating unique and beautiful lighting fixtures that steal you attention. They took something that was seen as a bare necessity and have turned it into something that can be the main piece / attraction of every room you walk in. They have won many awards and have been recognized as a “Game Changer” in their field.

Vonn Lighting has multiple demographics that we needed to  address. They sell to Designers, Architects, as well as to consumers. They can be found in retail stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, and online reatailers such as Build.com , Houzz, and of course Amazon. It was a challenge at first that took quite some research, however we were able to find who the audience was, and how to capture their attention.

We had great success in Social Media Management and Optimization for Vonn, getting them attention on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and other platforms that were specific to their industry. At the end of the day each client is different as to what the want to achieve, where they currently stand as a business, and what is ultimately possible. For Vonn we were able to see what kind of a person would be willing to engage / take interest in their product and then proceed to target those individuals directly.

Every platform had a different approach as each network has a different user base and algorithm that needs to be worked with. In the end we were able to, and continue to, successfully engage as well as increase awareness of the brand to everyone, from the everyday consumer, to Interior Designers and Architects.

We really do love Vonn Lighting and their innovative products and are eager to see what they come out with next.