Amatsu Media Gets Sent to NASCAR event in NC

This Nascar project really did take us by surprise. As soon as we got the call it was not even a couple days later we find ourselves on a private jet with the owner of SteakHouse Elite on the way to Charlotte NC for the first NASCAR race in which they would have a competing car. We were honored to be given the opportunity to shoot and edit a promotional video that would be showcased on Instagram.

As most of you can probably tell we have experience and a background extending from the automotive industry, however we have never experienced an event or culture quite like this. There was a moment while at the pits where one of my ear plugs had gotten loose and all I could remember was – ” What is that sound?! “.  The screams coming from these race cars is unlike anything I’ve ever heard.

We look forward to whats next with SteakHouse Elite.