We were flown down recently to film an event hosted by Precision Exotics, and Stacy Newman Events; called Cobras Vs Cars. Attendees (including TeamSalamone) had the opportunity to Race Helicopters  at the  Space Coast Regional Airport in Titusville Florida. It really was an amazing experience to watch a Helicopter vs Lamborghini.

Initially I thought the helicopters would beat all the cars, however after being briefed we were told that there will be cars that will be able to keep up / beat the helicopter. We will be doing a vlog of our adventure as well as final 2 minute video. We were glad to be in Florida, especially since it’s been freezing here in NY! We were also able to meet with our friends TeamSalamone on their last weekend in Florida.

Shooting is sometimes tricky! Especially if we are shooting a Helicopter Vs  Lamborghini. Sometimes we run into little snags and problems but we learn to power through them.  Because the day was cloudy, there were going to be times where the sun was out and some where the sun was hidden. So I had Auto ISO on, Which would of been okay except for the fact that I did not fully understand how the auto ISO feature worked on the camera Being used. But no big deal; Denoiser in post and we were good to go.

We also ran into the issue of a scratch on the lens! Luckily for us we were shooting most things at 120fps which causes the a7sii to shoot with a crop factor. The reason we chose to shoot at 120fps is because if during the race of a Helicopter vs Lamborghini we could slow the video to a comfortable 20%.  Plus we were sitting pretty far away so the crop factor acted as an additional zoom which was a plus. So the Majority of the footage we were able to avoid the scratch on the lens!


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