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  • shoot for perfection

01 Branding

We can create a Brand Image for you business that will capture your audiences' attention and give you the respect you deserve in your industry.

02 Search Engine Optimization

We get our Clients ranked on Google Organically. Let us help you dominate your niche.

03 Social Media

We offer an Array of Social Media Services. Based on your budget we can accommodate you with certain plans to manage content and submission for your business.

04 Media

We are well known for our Media Creation. Whether it is Photography / FIlm or a combination of the both, we love to create compelling Ad Campaigns. We thrive in creativity and hope to captivate all.

05 Visual Effects

As we grow we learn. We are infatuated with manipulating reality. Whether it is to Add explosions into a shot or doing a render of a modified car; we always enjoy doing these types of edits. Let us change reality to make yours better. Sometimes all we need is a tweak.

How we think

There is a saying that you dress for the job you want… not the job you have… We believe the same concept applies to your business.. . If you are not getting the business that you are looking for… It’s because you’re not branded correctly.


We are visually predominant creatures. So Unfortunately we all tend to judge a book by it's cover without turning to the first Page. So the most Important thing your business or company should have is a correctly established brand / appearance. We specialize in Creating / Designing memorable logos and themes. Let us guide you and be your Creative Media Content Marketing


Video and Film is an Untapped force that can truly propel your message in more ways than you think is possible. With all the Social Media that is available there is absolutely no reason for you not to grant your Audience / Following / and Potential Customers High Quality Video Content.


Quality over Quantity is our Rule of thumb.We work with numerous skilled photographers who share the same vision and eye that Amatsu Media has. Whether it be for an Advertisement Campaign or just for content to put up on social media; we always strive to bring you the highest quality content that we possibly can.


Web Presence is a big factor as to how well you succeed in this day and age. The business plan revolving on referrals although still valid is not sufficient. How you present yourself online can be considered another book cover to be judged on. We build professional clean and mobile friendly websites that can you can be proud to have associated with your business.

First Impressions

Impulse judgements are inevitable.

So knowing that…

What do we do? We try and make the best first impression we can. If you go in for a job interview do you walk in wearing sweat pants and a tank top? Of course not you hop in the shower, and suit up?!It doesn’t matter if you are the most qualified person for the job you may end up losing it to someone who may not know his right hand from his left. We do everything we can so that you can be seen as a credible and trust worthy entity. It is all about how you present yourself. It is a shame that the “Judging a book by it’s cover” concept applies in most real life situations but it doesn’t mean that its a weakness. It’s just another rule to abide to. That’s why we believe strongly in Creative Media Content Marketing. Looking good is not only good for business but it makes you more productive believe it or not. It raises your own standards and may even make you work harder. Let us do what we do best and let us take you and your business to the next level.

Creative Media Content Marketing

  • All
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Testimonial
  • Video

mini-phone With the increase use of cell phones we do our best to make everything we create including websites mobile friendly. We are even expanding into creating and developing cell phone applications. International Business Times studies learned that users on average spend 19 hours more on their mobile device than their computer.

CreativityWe do our best to look at every aspect of the message you are trying to convey and come up with a professional exciting and fresh way to potray it. We strive for perfection and pride ourselves on our creativity. We push ourselves harder and harder with every new client we take on.  It’s our way of thinking and our work ethic that makes us who we are.

We are here for you!  If you ever have a question about our work or what is possible do not hesitate to ask. We want to be there for you and help in any way we can.  You can contact us with our contact form below

Awesome Design

We truly aim to help come up with a look that will fit your Business’ demographic, while showing the world how professional and creative you can be.

Social Media Specialist

We study Social Media Trends, and Updates to make sure we are always doing anything and everything we can to keep you on top of all social Platforms and help you grow!


We often get asked a lot how much do you charge For X, Y, and Z. And we always have the same response… What is your budget! Each person and business is different and so we try to work with each client as a per situational basis.